Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Fabrics have arrived!

New fabrics to announce this week - 2 are restocks of popular prints - Monkey/Pink and Pirates, and 2 are brand new - Tiny Stars/Pink and Tiny Stars/Blue.

A few months back, I had only ordered a small quantity of Monkey/Pink to test it out - I was not sure how well it would sell but it was much more popular than I expected and we sold out quickly. We actually had a small waiting list for this fabric! This week, Monkey/Pink is back in larger quantities and we have an even larger order for this fabric that will be arriving this fall - Monkey/Pink should be around for a while. We also restocked a small amount of the Pirates fabric.

Our 2 newest additions are Tiny Stars/Pink and Tiny Stars/Blue. Both of these fabrics are adorable - very petite little white stars on a pink or blue background. They are perfect as an infant gift, but since the fabrics are not as busy/bright as some of our others, they are perfect to use as a coordinating fabric in your toddler's bedroom (they are almost like a solid). They will also look great embroidered with your baby or toddler's name - it will really stand out on these fabrics. You may want to consider these fabrics for a twin gift or a brother/sister gift.

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