Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Holiday 2009 Shipping Schedule has been posted. Happy Black Friday Shopping!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interview at Moms Inspire Learning

I recently had an interview with Dawn Morris from Moms Inspire Learning - she posted the interview today. Dawn has a background in accounting and childhood education and shares her extensive knowledge of children's books with her blog readers. She also has lots of tips to get kids excited about reading and learning. I would definitely recommend checking out her blog for new titles to add to your child's library at home, as well as activities and discussions related to the books. I have personally gained a lot from reading her posts and have ended up purchasing many of her recommended books. They have all been worthwhile. Thanks for checking it out and thanks to Dawn for a great interview and a great blog!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pink Fairy Fabric - Now Available

Our newest addition to the fall lineup -Pink Fairy. Available in blankets (both standard and supersize) and pillowcases.

Monday, September 28, 2009

We just added a new photo album to our Facebook page with images of our embroidery items. The embroidery/personalization service was extremely popular this summer/early fall as parents were purchasing items for the start of the preschool year. Embroidery/personalization is a great way to customize your toddler's items, especially if they are being used at preschool or daycare. Having the child's name on his/her favorite blanket or pillow is also great for kids at home learning to spell and recognize their own names. Personalized items also make a terrific gift. However, feel free to be creative and have your items personalized with a phrase instead of a name - "Sweet Dreams" for a bedtime set, "Explore" for a travel pillow. We also have customers personalize items with their child's nickname. As I've mentioned in the past, it's so much fun to see the different color combinations, fonts, and unique names that our customers choose. I have many more photos of items and will will be adding more images to our Facebook photo album and website - keep checking back!

Friday, September 11, 2009

New Clearance Items

Just added the Blue Dinos fabric to the Clearance Supersize Blanket/Toddler Pillow combo set. We have some new fabrics coming in the next 2-3 weeks including a new fairy/princess fabric (finally!). Make sure to check back for updates.

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Princess Kingdom Percale Fabric

We just received a new percale fabric called Princess Kingdom - very cute with castles, scenes, unicorns - very princess/fairy tale. In addition, we have restocked Fly By Day, Dig It and In Transit in the percale fabrics. Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Fabrics have arrived!

New fabrics to announce this week - 2 are restocks of popular prints - Monkey/Pink and Pirates, and 2 are brand new - Tiny Stars/Pink and Tiny Stars/Blue.

A few months back, I had only ordered a small quantity of Monkey/Pink to test it out - I was not sure how well it would sell but it was much more popular than I expected and we sold out quickly. We actually had a small waiting list for this fabric! This week, Monkey/Pink is back in larger quantities and we have an even larger order for this fabric that will be arriving this fall - Monkey/Pink should be around for a while. We also restocked a small amount of the Pirates fabric.

Our 2 newest additions are Tiny Stars/Pink and Tiny Stars/Blue. Both of these fabrics are adorable - very petite little white stars on a pink or blue background. They are perfect as an infant gift, but since the fabrics are not as busy/bright as some of our others, they are perfect to use as a coordinating fabric in your toddler's bedroom (they are almost like a solid). They will also look great embroidered with your baby or toddler's name - it will really stand out on these fabrics. You may want to consider these fabrics for a twin gift or a brother/sister gift.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ecostore USA Product Review and Giveaway

I was asked by ecostore USA to review a few products and host a giveaway for a $25 gift certificate. First, a little bit about ecostore USA – the company originated as a home-based business in New Zealand more than 15 years ago. The founders, Melanie and Malcomb Rands lived in a farm-based eco village that was committed to organic/healthy living where each family was responsible for their own waste water (can you imagine if we had to do that?). The Rands quickly realized how harmful regular petroleum based synthetic cleaning products were to the water and environment and decided to research plant-based products that could be used as an alternative. “No Nasty Chemicals” is the tag line and all of their products live up to this claim. They explain on the website that their products DO contain chemicals (after all, water is a chemical) – they just don’t include the NASTY chemicals. Their product lines include adult and baby care items such as body washes, oils, shampoos, soaps as well as household cleaners such as dish powder, laundry cleaners, bathroom cleaners, etc. They also have a line of pet care products.

Ecostore USA sent me 2 products – their Naturally Antibacteiral Spray Cleaner and Plant Based Toilet Cleaner. We seem to use a lot of spray cleaners around the house – kitchen counters, bathrooms, etc. so I was sure we would put this one to the test. The first thing that I noticed was the packaging was slightly different than most sprays – the bottle has a very thin profile which makes it really easy to store in a cabinet/pantry or smaller space. Also, the spray nozzle is the type with a flap tab over the front instead of one of those rotating “dial” type nozzles. I really like the ecostore USA design - very easy to use and store. The other thing that I noticed right away was the sprayer was a nice even mist and very easy to pump – it’s probably a weird thing to notice but it was different from what I’ve been using and I really like it. The scent is great – a clean citrusy smell that you can tell is natural and not perfumy or artificial. It has done a great job around the kitchen on my counter tops and tables. I even feel safe letting my kids help out with the cleaning jobs (they love to spray), so I'm glad that there aren't any nasty chemicals. They sell a concentrate that you can use to refill the bottle when done which is another great idea. I will definitely be refilling this one since I really like the size/shape of the bottle and the sprayer action and clean smell.

As for the Toilet Cleaner – it is also packaged differently than most – the size/shape of the bottle is great and it has an angled nozzle to get up under the rim. It has a different scent (which I’m not as crazy about) – I noticed Pine Oil listed in the ingredients along with citrus oils. But it is still a fresh, clean, natural scent and not perfumey or artificial. I also noticed right away the lack of artificial coloring – at first I thought it might be hard to tell how much I had applied against the white ceramic toilet, but it does have a slight (beige?) color to it that made it very easy to see how much product was applied and if I had missed any spots. It did a great job cleaning and I liked the fact that I was not flushing any artificial colors or cleaners into the water system.

They have some great sounding bath and body soaps - lemongrass, vanilla, coconut, as well as a goats milk Baby Soap in chamomile and lavender. Also available for baby - baby massage oil, baby moisturizer, nappy balm, and more.

So, now for the giveaway information: ecostore USA has agreed to giveaway a $25 gift certificate to one of our readers/fans. Visit the ecostore USA website and take a look through their product lines (you will also find some great articles). You are invited to sign up for their No Nasty Chemicals newsletter. After visiting the ecostore USA website, come back here before midnight EST July 29th and post a comment about your favorite products. I will pick a winner at random on July 30th. To earn extra entries, you may do the following:

Make sure you come back here and post a comment to receive each extra entry. That's it - good luck!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Vacation Schedule for Shipping July 31 - Aug 8

Just an advanced notice that our shipping offices will be closing for our annual vacation from July 31 through August 8, 2009. All orders placed prior to midnight EST July 30, 2009 will be processed and shipped prior to our shipping office vacation. This applies to all non-custom orders (does not apply to embroidery), and in stock items. Our online store will be open as usual during this time period however orders placed during this week will be shipped the week of August 10, 2009. We use this time to renew our machines, offices, and employees. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More New Summer Fabrics

We have 5 more new summer fabrics that arrived this week. All of these are currently only available in smaller quantities with limited product availability. We will be "testing" out these designs to see how well they sell - if they are popular, we will reorder some of them this fall and produce larger quantities of products. We have already received a lot of interest on the Frogs/Moons, so that one is on the list for reorder. Feel free to post your comments/feedback!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

$25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

New contest opens today for a $25 Mr. Bobbles' Blankets gift certificate - hosted by Contest expires July 6th. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 New Fabrics for Summer - More coming soon!

We just updated the website with our 5 newest fabrics for the summer. In addition, we will be getting a few more later this week so check back. Our newest fabrics are: Bugs on Pink, Pink Dots, Transport Blue, Blue Celestial, Blue Dinos. Thanks for looking!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Playard Sheets Available in French Vanilla

Our playard sheets are now back in stock in the French Vanilla fabric. We are currently in production mode and have a few more fabrics coming in the next few weeks so keep checking back for more offerings and restocked inventory in current fabrics. Thanks!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

BPA in plastics - safe or unsafe?

I just read an interesting article in Sunday's Washington Post about food packing industry executives getting together to brainstorm strategies to try to block the government from banning BPA from plastics, cans, baby toys, etc. The Washington Post obtained internal notes from the private meeting of executives/lobbyists - the article discussed some of the strategies and brainstorming sessions that occurred, specifically about marketing BPA products as "safe" to young mothers who make purchasing decisions for their households (baby bottles, baby toys, baby formula cans, sippy cups, canned foods/sodas). While I don't know everything about the research and science behind the issues surrounding BPA, I personally have made an effort in my house to try to reduce our exposure to plastics containing BPA. Many of my friends, especially those with infants, have done the same and purchase only BPA-free baby bottles, sippy cups, etc. Unfortunately, many of those products were not available when my kids were infants, but I'm glad that there are options out there now and everyone can decide based on their own preference and research. According to the Washington Post article written by Lyndsey Layton:

"Bisphenol A, used in commerce since the 1950s, is added to plastics to give them strength. It is found in hundreds of household products, including plastic bottles and food containers. It is also present in the linings of canned goods such as soup, baby formula and canned fruits and vegetables.

Over the past decade, a growing body of scientific studies has linked the chemical to breast cancer, testicular cancer, diabetes, hyperactivity, obesity, low sperm count, miscarriage and other reproductive problems in laboratory animals. More recent studies using human data have linked BPA to heart disease and diabetes. And it has been found to interfere with the effects of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients."

Many bloggers are upset and spreading the word about the attempt to block the ban. Some states/cities (Minnesota, Chicago, Suffolk County NY) as well as other countries such as Japan and Canada have already banned certain uses of BPA. After reading the article, I ran across a few good blog posts about it:

Take a few minutes to read these blog posts, as well as the Washington Post article - there are plenty of links in each to jump off and read more. It is an interesting debate and one that affects the households of parents, soon to be parents, as well as others concerned about the possible health risks associated with plastics, chemicals, etc. Feel free to post your thoughts and comments. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Product and New Fabric Options

We just added a new size for our Waterproof Mattress Pads - Carriage size which measures 18" x 29". This smaller size is perfect for the smaller playards such as the Graco Travel Lite. Also works well on a changing table, in a stroller, as a lap pad or changing pad in your diaper bag.

Also added due to popular demand, Rose Petal Pink Satin fabric option for our new larger Youth Pillowcases (16"x20"). As always, let us know if you are looking for any other fabrics or themes.

Friday, May 22, 2009

$25 Gift Certificate Giveaway

As They Grow Up website/blog is hosting a new giveaway for a $25 Gift Certificate to our Mr. Bobbles' Blankets online store. You can read a blog review of our new Youth Pillow as well as the details of the giveaway at. Good Luck!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Percale Fabric Option

We just added a new percale (non-flannel) fabric for our toddler pillows- Angelina Cameo in pink. Available in our 12x16 Extra Pillowcases - Percale (3 fabrics up from the bottom in the dropdown list). Our percale fabrics are all 100% cotton fabric (similar to cotton sheeting). Many of our customers like the percale fabrics for warmer weather (although we also have customers who swear by the flannels year-round, so it seems to be a personal preference). We love the colors in this new print - perfect for your little ballerina!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Toddler Pillow Review/Giveaway at

We are sponsoring a kids gear review/giveaway at - a lucky reader will win one of our toddler pillow sets with an allergen case. A product review of our toddler pillow has been posted as well as the contest details and how to enter. Entries must be received by midnight Thursday, May 14 and the winner will be announced on Friday, May 15. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spotlight - Project Linus

I just wanted to do a quick spotlight on a little-known organization that we work with called Project Linus, a group of volunteers formed in 1995 who provide security to children through donated blankets. Project Linus is made up of over 400 chapters all across the US who work together to achieve their mission statement:
  • "First, it is our mission to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”
  • Second, it is our mission to provide a rewarding and fun service opportunity for interested individuals and groups in local communities, for the benefit of children."

To date, Project Linus has delivered over 3 million blankets lovingly made by volunteers or "blanketeers". They welcome new, washable blankets of all sizes and styles for children ages 0-18. Blankets can be sewn, quilted, knitted, etc, but they must be homemade or handmade (not commercially manufactured or purchased). You can donate blankets through your local chapter, and if there is not a chapter in your area, you can open a chapter in your town! If you are not crafty, Project Linus also welcomes monetary donations as well as donations of supplies (fabric, thread, yarn, etc). They also provide resources on their website such as patterns and an online store. So if you haven't heard of Project Linus, make sure to check out their website and consider making a blanket as a summer project and donating it to your local chapter - it will be greatly appreciated!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Craft Ideas for Kids using Toddler Pillows

After my post last night on toddler pillows for moms, I was suddenly flooded with ideas for craft projects using Mr. Bobbles' Blankets Toddler Pillows or our larger Youth Pillows.

1. An "autograph" pillow for slumber party gift and/or summer camp. Give one of our toddler pillows or Youth Pillows in a solid color fabric along with a fabric marker or permanent marker. During the course of the slumber party (or camp session), each of the child's friends can autograph the pillow - a very unique gift, and long lasting memories.

2. Iron on photos - purchase iron-on paper at a local craft store and use your color printer to print out your favorite digital photo. Iron the photo onto the pillow. This would be great in combination with the autograph pillow idea above. You can also use the iron-on transfer paper with one of your kids drawings - what a great way to preserve memories.

3. Make an autograph pillow for a teacher gift - have all of the kids in the class autograph the pillowcase for the teacher. You can even iron on the class photo.

4. Give an "autograph pillow" for a graduation gift - something the student can take off to college or with them on their summer travels. As an added bonus, consider embroidering the recipients name on the pillow first (or maybe "Class of 2009").

5. Tie Dye one of our solid white pillowcases - this would be a great rainy day craft project, or summer camp project.

6. Make a lap desk. I remember seeing this in one of my magazines a while back. Purchase a clip board at an office supply store. Use either self stick velcro, or a hot glue gun, and glue the clipboard to the top surface of the pillow. This makes a great lap desk for car trips, the airplane, etc. Also great for eating on the road. You can do the same thing with a dry erase board.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Toddler Pillows For Mother's Day?

Looking for something a little bit different than flowers this Mother's Day? Well nNow that summer is fast approaching and people are starting to plan vacations, keep in mind that our Toddler Pillows also make great travel pillows for moms/adults. They are the perfect size for the airplane, car, train, etc. They also work out great as an extra pillow in a hotel room or when you are a house guest. I'm a 2 pillow sleeper, so whenever we stay in hotels, or even with friends/family, there are never enough pillows so I always make sure to take a toddler pillow along with me. I also took one of our toddler pillows to the hospital with me (in the Floral Charm fabric) when I was in labor with my second son - it was great to have my own piece of home with me, and because of the bright colorful print, it never got mixed up or lost with the hospital bedding - same with hotels and airplanes - it's unique, CLEAN (you know where it's been), and stands out. It was also great during nursing - just a little bit of extra comfort to prop yourself up. Four years later, I still have my toddler pillow on my side of the bed, partly for decoration, partly for the memories that it holds, but I also slip it behind my neck when reading in bed and grab it whenever we take a trip. If either of my boys comes into our bed when sick or after having a nightmare, they get to use my "special" pillow.
I'm thinking about rotating through different pillowcases depending on the occasion- a western fabric for our trips to Oklahoma, the Mermaids or Crabs/Fish print for the beach, or seasonal prints for various holidays, etc.
Another idea that I really like is to use one of our plain white 320 thread count pillowcases and use fabric markers to document all of your travels - sort of like bumper stickers of the places the pillow has been (great idea for kids!). Or at craft stores, you can buy iron-on transfer paper and print a digital photo onto the paper and iron on the pillow.
Recently, one of my friends had major surgery and was having some back pain after her surgery. I gave her one of our toddler pillows (again in Floral Charm fabric) as some extra support for her back - support sitting in a chair, riding in the car, or laying in bed, waiting in doctor's offices. In a few weeks, my friend will begin chemotherapy, which I understand will be given by IV and runs about 5 hours - so I think the pillow will be perfect for those appointments. The bright floral fabric is enough to cheer anyone up and the size makes them so versatile and packable, they can be used for so many things. So if you are looking for a little bit of pampering (yet something also practical and unique) to give to a new or expectant mom, a friend having surgery, or a mom that is on the road a lot, consider one of our toddler pillows. And consider our embroidery option as well - it doesn't have to be a name but maybe a short inspirational phrase such as "Hope", "Laughter", "Courage", "Carpe Diem", "Adventure" or for Mother's Day, "#1 Mom" or just her initials as a monogram.

Friday, April 17, 2009

New Percale Fabric Options Available

Just added 4 new arrivals for Spring - all 100% cotton percale (non-flannel) fabrics. Mermaids (pictured to the right), Rock Star Guitar, Jungle Friends, and Dig It. These are a great option for the warmer weather and are sure to be a hit with your child. The Rock Star Guitar scan didn't turn out as cute as the fabric, so we'll be posting a better photo on the website after our next product photo shoot. Thanks for checking out our new fabrics!

Blog Review and Giveaway

We enjoy participating in many of the mom-based blog reviews and giveaways. We have submitted our products for review at a handful of blogs and we always receive a great response. Our latest review/giveaway is hosted by Jo's Blogspot (Mom of 3, soon to be 4) - a chance to read about and win some of our great products. Contest ends April 24. I will post the latest reviews/giveaways here so you can view them and possibly enter and win!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Fabric Option Available

We have a new flannel fabric option - Solid Lilac (a really pretty light purple/lavender color - scan will be posted soon). Solid Lilac is available in pillowcases, standard blankets, and supersize blankets. As all of our flannels, it's a super soft, high quality fabric. We haven't had a purple color option in a while so perfect for those girls out there looking for something other than pink. Thanks for checking it out!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Study shows using a fan during sleep may reduce SIDS risk

I read an article about a recent study performed by the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research in Oakland CA stating that using a fan to ventilate the air in baby's room during sleep may reduce the risk of SIDS by 72%. They also found that opening a window in baby's room may also reduce the risk. More studies need to be done, but the theory seems to be that the fan/open window helps ventilate the air thus helping to keep the infant from re-breathing exhaled carbon dioxide. Using a fan to ventilate the air does not replace the other recommendations for reducing SIDS - placing infants on their backs to sleep, removing soft blankets and bedding from cribs, keeping the room temperature comfortable and not too warm, keeping baby's environment smoke free, and using a pacifier. More studies need to be done, but the information is interesting. Read the full Kaiser article.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Now on Facebook!

Mr. Bobbles' Blankets has also recently been added to Facebook, so feel free to look us up and become a fan!

Now Shipping to Canada!

We have finally enabled shipping to Canadian addresses on the website! Over the years, we have shipped our items to Canadian customers but had to manually enter the order and take payments over the phone. Since we receive numerous requests to ship our products to Canada (and our new shopping cart system allows us to accept Canadian based payments and ship to Canadian based addresses!) I have finally set up the website to accept Canadian order. We have set up the shipping to allow for 2 options - a cost effective First Class International (parcel post) option which is the slower route, and Priority Mail International which should be a bit faster.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Youth Pillows - Not too big, Not too small

At the suggestion of one of our wonderful moms/customers, I recently added a new "Youth" size pillow to our website - 16"x20". She said that her kids had outgrown their Mr. Bobbles' Blankets toddler pillows, but still weren't ready for an adult sized pillow, so we came up with the 16"x20" Youth Pillow. This size pillow is great for older kids, perfect for sleepovers or summer camp, even great for adults (camping or for an extra pillow to prop you up while reading in bed). We designed the Youth Pillows with the same idea as our toddler pillows - lightly filled so it's still not too poofy or too firm for young heads/necks. We are also custom manufacturing Youth Pillowcases to fit in both flannels and satin (please ask if you would like a case in a fabric not listed). So far, the response has been incredible - we initially only made a handful to fulfill a few orders, but due to the demand, we've had to sew up a bunch more. Just another example of how great customer feedback helps us to fulfill a need out there or to create a hard-to-find product, etc. So keep those great ideas coming.
FYI - due to demand, our Youth Pillow orders are taking a few extra days to fulfill until we get caught up on the manufacturing of these newest items.

New Sales Items Added

I have added a few items to our sales for April:

  1. Clearance No-Slip Playard sheets - added French Vanilla, Sage, and Tea to the clearance sale.
  2. Extra pillowcases for Toddler Pillows - added a few Percale options to the One of a Kind sale - Westward Ho, Lil Cowgirl, Seafarer.

Keep checking back for more sale items and new spring/summer fabrics. Happy shopping!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Don't Forget....

The coupon code for my blog readers expires tomorrow 3/31. In addition, for extra savings, I've put our standard size blankets on sale for a limited time so people can buy/try them using the new swaddling technique in my last post. Thanks for making March an incredible month...looking forward to welcoming April.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Swaddling Technique from Mr. Bobbles' Blankets

After the birth of both of my sons, it took quite a while to get good at swaddling. Even with a ton of practice, I was never able to get the wrap as tight as the nurses at the hospital. These days, there are a lot of special swaddling wraps and blankets out there (I tried a few with my second son), but I still think a good old fashioned cotton blanket works the best and is the most practical since it has so many other uses after those swaddling days are over.

I frequently hear from parents about how wonderful our standard size blankets were for swaddling their infants. They are larger than most so they work out great for larger babies. I've also heard from few parents of smaller babies that our blankets worked out great for them as well because they could double wrap their child as instructed by their pediatricians.

I recently found out about a swaddling technique that works really well with our standard size blankets, so I thought it would make a great post. This technique is sometimes called the Aussie Swaddle (it was posted by an Australian mom on a baby forum a while back). There are a few variations to this swaddling technique, but you'll get the general idea. This technique works best with a rectangular shaped receiving blanket (just like our standard size blanket) in a lightweight all-cotton fabric (double-sided or thicker blankets, and some synthetic fibers like polyester, don’t breathe as well and may generate too much heat). This swaddling technique is more comfortable for many babies because it keeps their hands/fists up next to their face rather than straight down by their sides.

1. Lay blanket out on a flat surface lengthwise as shown. Fold down a flap of fabric at the top and place baby in the middle of the blanket with shoulders on the fold.

2. Place baby’s right hand under the folded flap (or you can start from the left side).

3. Keeping your baby’s hand covered with the flap (at about shoulder height), pull down the top corner of the flap and tuck under baby’s right leg.

4. Take the outer edge of this new flap of blanket and wrap it around your baby’s body and tuck under at the left side.

5. Now place baby’s opposite hand under the first original flap.

6. Flip up any extra fabric at the bottom of the blanket to create a flap at the bottom.

7. Keeping you baby’s hand covered with the flap (at about shoulder height), pull down the top corner of the flap and tuck under baby’s body.

8. Take the outer edge of this new flap of blanket and wrap it around your baby’s body to create the swaddle.

Swaddling generally works well for the first couple of months. Some people say you should stop swaddling around the time your baby starts to roll over, but I remember stopping before that milestone - it all depends on your baby. As always, check with your pediatrician for advice and resources. And please become familiar with and follow all current SIDS recommendations when putting your baby to sleep, including:

· Place infants to sleep on their backs on a firm mattress with no other objects in the crib/bed
· Avoid overheating the baby
· Keep baby’s environment smoke/tobacco free
· Ask your pediatrician for more recommendations and resources

I hope that this swaddling technique works for some of you! I'd love to see any photos or feedback.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

About Swaddling: Swaddling your newborn baby has many benefits including making your baby feel secure, similar to being in the womb. Swaddling also helps to control the sudden arm/leg movements caused by the startle reflex. It is best to use a lightweight, single-sided, all-cotton blanket to avoid overheating your baby. Heavier fabrics, double-sided or thick blankets, and some synthetic fibers (like polyester) don’t breathe as well and may generate too much heat. Please become familiar with and follow all current SIDS recommendations when putting your baby to sleep, including:

· Place infants to sleep on their backs on a firm mattress with no other objects in the crib/bed
· Avoid overheating the baby
· Keep baby’s environment smoke/tobacco free
· Ask your pediatrician for more recommendations and resources

For this type of swaddle (sometimes called the Aussie swaddle), a single sided rectangular shaped blanket works best. This swaddling technique is more comfortable for many babies because it keeps their hands/fists up next to their face rather than straight down by their sides.

  1. Lay blanket out on a flat surface lengthwise as shown. Fold down a flap of fabric at the top (about x inches) and place baby in the middle of the blanket with shoulders on the fold.
  2. Place baby’s right hand under the folded flap (or you can start from the left side).
  3. Keeping you baby’s hand covered with the flap (at about shoulder height), pull down the top corner of the flap and tuck under baby’s right leg.
  4. Take the outer edge of this new flap of blanket and wrap it around your baby’s body and tuck under at the left side.
  5. Now place baby’s opposite hand under the original flap.
  6. Flip up any extra fabric at the bottom of the blanket to create a flap at the bottom.
  7. Keeping you baby’s hand covered with the flap (at about shoulder height), pull down the top corner of the flap and tuck under baby’s body.
  8. Take the outer edge of this new flap of blanket and wrap it around your baby’s body to create the swaddle.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coupon Code for Blog Readers

We just started our blog recently and have lots of good information coming up about babies, toddlers and preschoolers, as well as other topics of interest to parents. In the meantime, if you happen to stumble across our blog and want take a peek at our products, I'm posting a coupon code for our blog readers to use at

BLOG15 - save 15% of your order, applies to sale items but not to gift certificates, cannot be applied to an existing order. One use per customer. Expires 3/31/2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Use a Toddler Pillow (plus one extra for mom)...

Top 10 Reasons to Use Toddler Pillows (including one for mom)...

In my previous post, I discussed how to choose a toddler pillow and when to start using one. I hear lots of input from parents so here are some of the best uses that I've heard for our toddler pillows:
  1. Use with kids (2+ years old) prone to ear infections or sinus troubles, or during cold/flu season
    Pediatricians sometimes recommend a toddler pillow for a little extra elevation of the head during sleep to help promote drainage (please check with your pediatrician first!).

  2. Send a toddler pillow to child's daycare/preschool for naptime
    Your child will feel special and have a comfort object from home. Also, the fabrics are unique so the pillow won't get lost.

  3. Use as a special pillow for overnight stays at Grandma's house;
    Purchase a special extra pillowcase just for use at Grandma’s house – your child will see it as a special treat and have fond memories. We heard from one customer whose children visit their grandparents on their farm so she purchased our farm-theme pillowcases for her children to use at the farm house.

  4. Use as a travel pillow for toddlers (or adults!)
    Our travel sized toddler pillows are a must for long rides in the car seat or airplane trips. Don't use those flimsy and dirty/germy airplane pillows - bring your own. Also great to use once you get to your destination. I don't know about you, but they never seem to have enough extra pillows in the hotel rooms.

  5. Use with our satin pillowcases to reduce tangled hair
    Using a satin pillowcase helps the hair glide easily over the fabric thus reducing tangles during sleep;

  6. Great gift idea for big brother or big sister
    Paired with a sweet goodnight book, stuffed animal or decorative nightlight. Or create a "theme" gift and give a toddler pillow with a pillowcase to match the theme, for example Pirates or Frogs.

  7. Give as a baby gift along with a matching receiving blanket or burp cloth set
    Before baby is old enough to have a baby pillow while sleeping, a toddler pillow is great for extra support when nursing or bottle feeding. Also great for padding when baby is learning to sit up.

  8. Perfect size to use as a toddler bed pillow
    Helps to make the transition to the toddler bed easier and more fun!

  9. Help soothe child at night
    We’ve even heard from parents that they used our toddler pillows to help convince their toddler that he/she is now a big boy/girl and to give up their binkys (pacifiers) at night!

  10. Okay, now for mom’s turn - Great for mommy too - even before baby arrives!
    Place toddler pillow behind mommy's lower back or neck for extra back support while rocking, feeding, driving, etc. I took one to the hospital with me for comfort during labor and delivery, and also used it in the hospital while nursing. I also use one with a satin pillowcase as my travel pillow.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Toddler Pillows - When to Use?

With all the safety concern regarding soft bedding items in cribs, a lot of parents wonder "when is the right time to give my child a pillow to sleep with?" I also get asked this question frequently at There are a lot of opinions to sift through, but currently, most of the official guidelines (from organizations like The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development) are relevant for infants under 12 months of age. So does that mean a 13 or 14 month old can start using a pillow? Probably not.

In fact, we typically recommend our toddler pillows for 2 years and up and even then, it's best to check with your pediatrician. Your child's pediatrician will be up to date on changing safety recommendations and will also know your child's heath history including any issues that may impact sleeping, allergies or asthma, etc. Many leading child developmental experts agree that it's best to allow young children to sleep on a flat surface, and when you do introduce a pillow, choose one that is firm, yet flat - nothing too poofy or fluffy. Pick a pillow that is the right proportions for a child, like a 12 x 16 toddler pillow. If you think about it, giving a small child an adult sized pillow is the equivalent of giving an adult a twin or crib mattress as a pillow!

Sometimes, introducing a pillow is a great transitional item when the child is converting from the crib to a toddler bed or twin bed - but it all depends on age. With my two children, I waited as long as possible to move them out of the crib and it was usually around 3 - 3 1/2 years old. However I have friends with "climbers" who have moved their kids out of the crib before their first birthday. I also have friends with 2-3 year old children who had frequent ear infections or sinus problems and the pediatrician recommend the use of a small pillow to help elevate the child's head. I've had many customers also tell me that they knew their child was ready when he/she bundled up blankets under his/her head at night to sleep on, or slept on a stuffed animal. But PLEASE check with your child's doctor first.

If your child or baby is not yet ready for a pillow, our toddler pillows still have a ton of great uses during the daytime - your child may still enjoy cuddling up with it during playtime, or using it for a "seat" to make that wooden chair more comfy, or for playing house with dolls. It also makes a great travel pillow - even for adults. I took one to the hospital with me during labor and delivery - great to put behind your lower back or neck for extra support. I also used mine frequently during nursing. We also use ours for traveling as they squish up easily inside a suitcase, can be carried on a plane, and great for making the car seat ride more comfortable. Just make sure to keep that pillow and loose items out of the crib until they are ready.

So the bottom line is that many children are ready for a pillow around 2-3 years of age, but check with your pediatrician first and educate yourself on the current safety recommendations and pros and cons. When you do choose a pillow, choose one that is in proportion to your child (12x16 is perfect!) and pick out some fun printed pillowcases that will allow your child to get attached to the pillow and make sleeping time fun! I can't tell you how may parents have told me that our Mr. Bobbles' Blankets toddler pillows have helped restless sleepers (which is great for the child and the parents!!) Feel free to post your ideas and opinions about using a pillow with children.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Toddlers and Comfort Objects

Did You Know? About 60% of toddlers use comfort or security objects – most choose an item with silky and nubby textures to provide sensory satisfaction. Child development experts agree that a comfort object is a great asset for children and parents. Attachment to a “lovie”, usually beginning around 8-12 months, represents a big leap in intellectual and emotional development for a child - they are learning to understand symbols and to "invent" something of their own – the lovie becomes a symbol of love and comfort that is tangible. Children who have learned to use lovies can find comfort anywhere and can take control of their own comfort."A lovie has real emotional importance to a child. Like a true friend, a lovie is familiar, accepting, and faithful. It is the guarantee of safety and security; it promises a parent’s return.”

As mentioned above, toddlers enjoy the tactile stimulation of a soft, fuzzy, or nubby items like stuffed animals, blankets, or even our toddler pillows, while other toddlers may choose something like a pacifier. Whatever the choice, it is not uncommon for toddlers to give their comfort objects names and talk to them, carry them around everywhere - much like a true friend. It can help them work through problems or challenges in their everyday life and have unconditional acceptance. And as any parent with a child attached to a lovie will understand, when that lovie is lost, put in the wash, or left behind, it's like losing one's true friend and cannot be replaced.

As parents, one challenge is attempting to anticipate which animal, blanket or other object will be "the one" and we all rush out to buy duplicates just in case it is every left behind or lost. At one point, my youngest son was starting to develop an attachment to a particular green stuffed animal so I ran out and bought a handful (as well as a few in different colors - thank goodness they were inexpensive). But that phase didn't last long, and both of my boys eventually settled on blankets as lovies (which is great considering my business!). So I created the Bips - a smaller version of a favorite blanket that is easier to pack, carry, wash, etc. Plus that single satin corner to make the blanket feel special and provide that spot of interest to touch and rub. I've heard from many parents with children that are attached to our blankets, bips, or toddler pillows. I've also heard stories about special lovies getting damaged, lost, or just plain worn out. In the best cases, we still have fabric available (or can find it somewhere else) and can try to replace that item. In other cases, we have successfully helped parents replace the item with a similar theme or color fabric - yes, sometimes it does work!

Once toddlers are growing up into preschoolers and school aged children, the question becomes what level of attachment is appropriate and how do you handle it? If you have any fun stories to share about your toddler and lovies, post them here. I'm curious to hear what objects, what age, and if your child is older now, when/how did they give them up?