Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Percale Fabric Options

We have a new fabric option available in our Percale Extra Pillowcases called Spring Garden - the colors are very soft and girly. In addition, we are waiting on the arrival of two new percales - solid pink and solid baby blue in an Organic 100% cotton sateen fabric. The new organic fabrics are beautifully soft and you can feel great knowing that they are produced from organically grown cotton - more details will be coming soon on the 2 new organic fabrics.

What is a "percale" fabric? Percale is sometimes defined as a closely woven cotton fabric that is frequently used for bed linens. Our percale fabrics were introduced as an alternate to our flannel fabrics - they are all 100% cotton and many customers love to use the percale pillowcases in the summer. However, we do have many customers who love to use the flannel all year even in hot summer climates like Florida and Las Vegas, NV. It really is just a matter of personal preference. No matter what you choose, all of our fabrics are great quality and 100% cotton.

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