Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Fabrics and Product Updates!

We have 2 new fabrics added to our website for the fall/winter 2010 season.
Sweet Hearts features sweet little hearts in all different colors in a patchwork type design. The color scheme includes pinks, purples, a dash of turquoise and yellow - a great fabric option for those girls who don't want something that is just pink. Our second fabric is Monkeys/Teal which is the same pattern as our previous fabric Monkey/Yellow, just with a beautiful teal colored background. This is a great neutral fabric for those wanting something other than just the standard green/yellow prints that are usually available in neutral items.

For product updates, after a long search, we finally found a new supplier for our satin fabrics (our previous fabric mill stopped producing the satins we were using). So the good news is that our Satin Extra Pillowcases are coming back! For those of you who are fans, make sure you preorder them now. For those who have never tried satin before, it's a great luxury and is said to help with hair tangles while sleeping. Rumor also has it that sleeping on a satin pillowcase helps reduce face wrinkles as well! I doubt our toddler customers are worried about that, but some of our adult customers may want to try it out.

We are also very close to announcing the date of arrival for our crib sheets. We finally have a design done and samples tested, etc. We will be cutting and sewing the crib sheets very soon so if you have any requests for which fabrics we should carry, let me know. Thanks again for checking out our blog!

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