Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Organic Fabrics available for Toddler Pillows!

organic cotton toddler pillow
organic cotton toddler pillows We continue to receive requests for more organic offerings, especially in our toddler pillow line.  We have just restocked and added to our organic cotton sateen fabrics.  If you haven't tried these fabrics yet, make sure to add them to your wish list.  They are incredibly soft and silky like high thread count sheets, and are still 100% cotton.  They are dyed using eco-friendly dyes and organic cotton.
In the past, we have offered pink and a light blue. We were able to restock the same shade of pink but the light blue is no longer available - we are now offering a beautiful navy color, as well as Natural (pictured here below the navy but it's hard to see - it is a cream color).  All three fabrics are available for our Toddler Pillows, Youth Pillows, Preschool Nap Mat Sheets, and blankets upon request.  Again, these fabrics are incredibly soft and silky feeling - a must try!

toddler pillowsAbout Sateen:  Sateen cotton fabrics are made with a different structure during the weaving process.  Standard cotton weaving using one thread over, one thread under, however in sateen weaving, it is four threads over, one thread under.  This structure has more threads at the surface of the fabric making it extremely soft to the touch and creates an almost "shiny" or silky surface to the fabric.

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