Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Toddler Pillow - How to use a BobbleRoos Toddler Pillowcase with Envelope Style Closure

How to Properly Use a BobbleRoos Toddler Pillowcase

Using a pillowcase seems pretty straight-forward, right? Well take a quick look and make sure that you are taking advantage of one of the coolest features of a BobbleRoos toddler pillowcase.  From time to time, we receive questions about the inner flap of fabric on our pillowcases which is sometimes called an envelope style closure (there are many different variations on this design).   Since it can be hard to describe the design of our toddler pillowcases, we took a few pictures for a step by step illustration on how to use this inner flap to conceal and protect the toddler pillow inside.  Our pillowcase design helps to conceal the toddler pillow insert for aesthetic reasons, as well as for safety so the pillowcase doesn't slip off during the night, and it also helps to prevent curious toddler hands from pulling the pillow insert out of the pillowcase. We use an envelope style closure on all of our pillowcases - toddler pillows (12x16), youth pillows (16x20), and even our standard adult size pillowcases. Envelope style enclosures do take a little extra fabric and time/labor to make, but we believe it's these little extra touches that make all of our products so fabulous including our toddler pillowcases!

12x16 Toddler Pillow case turned inside out with extra flap of fabric on inside that creates envelope closure

Side-load toddler pillow insert into the pillowcase

Toddler Pillow insert inside the toddler pillowcase before the extra flap of fabric is used to cover the toddler pillow insert

Simply lift the envelope flap up and over the toddler pillow insert

Toddler Pillow insert is completely concealed using the envelope style closure

View of toddler pillow from the side as placed on a bed - inner toddler pillow insert cannot be seen


  1. I was looking for toddler pillows, and this work great for me.

  2. It looks like the pillow will sits inside this. Hope it will cause currently with my toddler pillow cover the pillow slips half out every other night.

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