Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Guest Post: HOW TO STOP THUMB SUCKING by Glovey Huggey

Thumb sucking can be a difficult habit to break for some. Some kids end up quitting early on. By early on, I mean within the first few years after they start. For others, it takes them a lot longer. I knew of one guy who didn't stop sucking on his thumb until his early teen years. Even then, it was difficult for him.


It can be harmful to your kid's health. A child can develop an overbite, if he or she doesn't quit sucking on his thumb. Your kid can develop a speech impediment. Depending on the severity, it can last a long time. Your child might even develop buck teeth. Don't laugh, it does happen. Though sucking the thumb is a natural thing that many kids do, by the time they are between 2 and 4, they should have it stopped.

What if the child has not yet stopped sucking on his or her thumb? There are some things that you can do. Parents never give up hope with this. Below are a list of avenues you can take, to get your child to stop sucking on his thumb.


You can try the Glovey Huggey. These are gloves made for boys and girls. They are made to help both boys and girls quit the sucking of the thumb. They are new on the market and they work wonders. Many parents have raved about these gloves. You can find them online.

Other things you can do.

1) You can try a rewards system. This is when you reward your child for not sucking on his or her thumb. Be sure to keep a calendar going with this. Mark off the days that he or she didn't suck his thumb. Do the same for the days that they did. If he or she has been good, reward them with a small prize. Be careful with this plan. This plan could backfire and teach the kids the wrong thing. Be sure you know how to implement it properly.

2) You can create small distractions. If you see him or her about to suck his or her thumb, than distract them. Get them involved with something else. Make it fun and worth their while. This way they can forget about the notion of sucking the thumb.

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