Monday, March 9, 2015

Guest Post: How to Stop Thumbsucking

How to Stop Thumbsucking

How to Stop Thumbsucking

As a parent, you will no doubt be aware of just how difficult it can be to make your child give up some of their earliest habits in life. At their youngest, a child will have no qualms about going into their shell and just sticking with what makes them feel most comfortable. However, if you want to know how to stop thumbsucking and other habits that can hamper your child’s development – or even put it at risk of halting entirely – then these simple tips should come in handy for correcting the situation as soon as you possibly can;

Create an Incentive

One of the easiest ways to make progress with how to stop thumbsucking once and for all is to give your child some kind of incentive/reward for stopping thumbsucking in the first place. Make sure that they know if they do so they’ll get that big toy they wanted or you’ll take them to see something specific at the cinema – whatever your child loves doing can be used as an incentive.
If they know that stopping will benefit them via a reward then they are more likely to actually try.

Give Them it Straight

Alternatively, you can give your child the cold, hard facts – thumb sucking is for babies. Children are conscious of how they are seen by others and, although a little devious, you can use this to get your own way when it comes to finding out how to stop thumbsucking. Make the insinuation that it’s for babies and not for grown up children who are mature and can be responsible – if your child wants to be seen as growing up and learning, they will give it a rest.

Avoid Confrontation

While this might not be a solution as such on how to stop thumbsucking, it’s an easy way to make sure it does not become a prolonged battle. Your child is less likely to stop if you keep badgering them and making it a big deal – even if you have tried being nice and it hasn’t worked, playing the long game is going to be far more beneficial than shouting at your child and trying to force the issue.

Avoid a big argument and confrontation and you won’t fall out over it. Approach the problem with a domestic attitude and you are more likely to find a solution that you are both happy with.

Of course, for those who are really struggling to find some kind of solution, there are many practical objects that you can put in place that will help to stop thumbsucking – most of which your children are going to absolutely love! Cool little props, gloves and many other smart little instruments can be used to give your child the kind of help that they need. 

Guest post from our friends at Glovey Huggey

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