Monday, April 27, 2009

Craft Ideas for Kids using Toddler Pillows

After my post last night on toddler pillows for moms, I was suddenly flooded with ideas for craft projects using Mr. Bobbles' Blankets Toddler Pillows or our larger Youth Pillows.

1. An "autograph" pillow for slumber party gift and/or summer camp. Give one of our toddler pillows or Youth Pillows in a solid color fabric along with a fabric marker or permanent marker. During the course of the slumber party (or camp session), each of the child's friends can autograph the pillow - a very unique gift, and long lasting memories.

2. Iron on photos - purchase iron-on paper at a local craft store and use your color printer to print out your favorite digital photo. Iron the photo onto the pillow. This would be great in combination with the autograph pillow idea above. You can also use the iron-on transfer paper with one of your kids drawings - what a great way to preserve memories.

3. Make an autograph pillow for a teacher gift - have all of the kids in the class autograph the pillowcase for the teacher. You can even iron on the class photo.

4. Give an "autograph pillow" for a graduation gift - something the student can take off to college or with them on their summer travels. As an added bonus, consider embroidering the recipients name on the pillow first (or maybe "Class of 2009").

5. Tie Dye one of our solid white pillowcases - this would be a great rainy day craft project, or summer camp project.

6. Make a lap desk. I remember seeing this in one of my magazines a while back. Purchase a clip board at an office supply store. Use either self stick velcro, or a hot glue gun, and glue the clipboard to the top surface of the pillow. This makes a great lap desk for car trips, the airplane, etc. Also great for eating on the road. You can do the same thing with a dry erase board.

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