Sunday, April 26, 2009

Toddler Pillows For Mother's Day?

Looking for something a little bit different than flowers this Mother's Day? Well nNow that summer is fast approaching and people are starting to plan vacations, keep in mind that our Toddler Pillows also make great travel pillows for moms/adults. They are the perfect size for the airplane, car, train, etc. They also work out great as an extra pillow in a hotel room or when you are a house guest. I'm a 2 pillow sleeper, so whenever we stay in hotels, or even with friends/family, there are never enough pillows so I always make sure to take a toddler pillow along with me. I also took one of our toddler pillows to the hospital with me (in the Floral Charm fabric) when I was in labor with my second son - it was great to have my own piece of home with me, and because of the bright colorful print, it never got mixed up or lost with the hospital bedding - same with hotels and airplanes - it's unique, CLEAN (you know where it's been), and stands out. It was also great during nursing - just a little bit of extra comfort to prop yourself up. Four years later, I still have my toddler pillow on my side of the bed, partly for decoration, partly for the memories that it holds, but I also slip it behind my neck when reading in bed and grab it whenever we take a trip. If either of my boys comes into our bed when sick or after having a nightmare, they get to use my "special" pillow.
I'm thinking about rotating through different pillowcases depending on the occasion- a western fabric for our trips to Oklahoma, the Mermaids or Crabs/Fish print for the beach, or seasonal prints for various holidays, etc.
Another idea that I really like is to use one of our plain white 320 thread count pillowcases and use fabric markers to document all of your travels - sort of like bumper stickers of the places the pillow has been (great idea for kids!). Or at craft stores, you can buy iron-on transfer paper and print a digital photo onto the paper and iron on the pillow.
Recently, one of my friends had major surgery and was having some back pain after her surgery. I gave her one of our toddler pillows (again in Floral Charm fabric) as some extra support for her back - support sitting in a chair, riding in the car, or laying in bed, waiting in doctor's offices. In a few weeks, my friend will begin chemotherapy, which I understand will be given by IV and runs about 5 hours - so I think the pillow will be perfect for those appointments. The bright floral fabric is enough to cheer anyone up and the size makes them so versatile and packable, they can be used for so many things. So if you are looking for a little bit of pampering (yet something also practical and unique) to give to a new or expectant mom, a friend having surgery, or a mom that is on the road a lot, consider one of our toddler pillows. And consider our embroidery option as well - it doesn't have to be a name but maybe a short inspirational phrase such as "Hope", "Laughter", "Courage", "Carpe Diem", "Adventure" or for Mother's Day, "#1 Mom" or just her initials as a monogram.

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