Thursday, March 17, 2011

From Baby to Toddler, From Crib to Big Boy/Girl Bed

So you're ready to transition your toddler out of the crib and into a toddler bed or "big girl/boy" bed. Or your older toddler is content in the crib or toddler bed already, but you want to make it a bit more cozy to try and squeeze in a few more hours of sleep?

Believe it or not, something as simple as a toddler pillow can help do the trick. Kids love "adult" items that are scaled down to their size and the same is true with pillows. Standard size pillows are too big for toddlers smaller necks and heads - BobbleRoos Toddler Pillows (which measure 12x16) are more in proportion to a toddlers head and neck and are perfect for naptime at daycare or preschool, as well as making the transition to the bed.

My kids, now 6 and 9, started using BobbleRoos toddler pillows around 2-3 years old. They both became attached to their toddler pillows and still use them today as travel pillows and for sleepovers. Of course, we change out the pillowcases depending on their latest interest - I have 2 boys so it's usually a sport, car or truck, and right now it's the Pirate Skulls. Younger brother usually likes to pick whatever his older brother is picking, so I also have their names embroidered on the pillowcase to keep them unique.

You can also buy satin pillowcases, organic fabrics, cotton flannels and a ton of other choices to make it easy to match your child's room decor or favorite theme. And since kids interests tend to change frequently, a pillowcase is easy enough to replace as opposed to an entire bedding set (I recommend buying a simple bedding set - solid or striped sheet sets, and accessorize with fun printed pillowcases).

So try out a toddler pillow when making the transition. Pick out a fun fabric in a theme that your child will like and then let them "cuddle up"!

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  1. Everything should be given to them as per their age, if they are small all things that make them happy should be made available for them so that they love what they have...