Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spotlight on.... Youth Pillows 16x20

Many of you know us for our toddler pillows, but did you know that we also sell a larger 16x20 Youth Pillow? Many of our customers have toddlers who love our toddler pillows, but as their toddlers grew, they wanted to transition to a larger pillow. We kept hearing the same request so we started offering an in between pillow - our 16x20 Youth Pillow, which is larger than our original 12x16 toddler pillow, but still smaller than an adult pillow. This size is perfect for kids going away to sleepover camps, or just sleepover parties and travel. It also makes a great bed pillow either for sleeping or decoration.

Our Youth Pillows are made (in the USA!) by the same major pillow manufacturer as our popular toddler pillows- using the same quality and construction: 100% cotton covering over non-allergenic polyester fiberfill - machine washable. Just like our toddler pillows, our youth pillows are not too fluffy, not too firm, just perfect in proportion to support young children's head/necks.

Youth Pillowcases are also available for purchase separately in most of our popular cotton flannels and percale (non-flannel) fabrics. If you are looking for a particular fabric, color, or theme, as always, send us an email and we'll check the possibility of having a pillowcase made in that fabric. We are now also offering the embroidery option to have your youth pillowcase personalized with your child's name.

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